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Latest Inspiration – George Lange

Wrapped UpSometimes you find a mouth piece for your inner most thoughts that vocalizes your mind like you never expected and makes it raw. Makes it brand you. Defines you. Right now that voice is that of George Lange as I read his work entitled The Unforgettable Photograph.

My love of photography has always been about the soul in front of a lens. Be it human or animal, found in nature or man made. It’s the intimacy of light. It’s the moment in which we live. It’s the feeling that fills our heart. The experience. The smell. The feel. That’s what I am after.

I wait for my subject speak the unspoken. I wait for the light to shower just right. We could have spoken a million times before but there is always something new to discuss with my daily subjects. I remember through my dog walking years, I would challenge myself to find something different within my daily walks that often involved the same streets, roads, and paths.

As I read The Unforgettable Photograph by George Lange his words and works strike a familiarity and stir my passion. They remind me of and enforce my reasons for my love for each moment. And in the crazy quickness of our ever spinning world of technology I remember, it’s not the camera, it’s the vision of the person behind it and eidt img_2711the purity of its subject.

You are my moments inspiration. Thanks George! Loving this book.

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For a Lifetime My Love

mother daughter hands
I’m yours always and forever.

There was a moment in time where my life was just that – my life. Then, you came along and turned it all around. You give me purpose. You give me love. You give me my future. I love you, my little girl. And when your hands reach the size of mine you will still be – my little girl.

Do’s and Don’ts: What to Wear for a Group Photography Session

Group Photo Outfit Do’s

  • Family Photo Outfit idea

    Do coordinate within your favorite color scheme. Pick 2-3 main colors, then think neutrals (ie. black, white, beige, grey). Not sure what color palate to go with? Check out Design-Seeds.com for fresh ideas that are based on gorgeous photos.

  • Do balance the colors out. For example, if you’re using lavender, don’t all wear lavender shirts. Mix up accessories, shoes, hats, tops and bottoms that include your chosen main colors to balance out the photo.
  • Do include accessories. Think hats, sunglasses, belts, jewelry, and the like. Just make sure they complement your choice of clothing.
  • Do break out your loud and proud pumps ladies. High heels make legs look longer.
  • Do include your great looking pair of shoes, gents. They speak volumes in photos.
  • Do work with the space. Coordinating with the scene is a huge plus.
  • Do wear clothes that are comfy and are easy to move in.
  • Do remember that darker colors are slimming. So, think dark jeans and tops.
  • Do accentuate your best features and learn how to hide your least faves. Here are 5 examples on dressing for a slimmer figure from Women’s Health.
  • Do primp before the shoot. Do your nails, get a hair cut, and get a good night sleep. This will not only make you look put together and all around great but will boost your confidence every time you look back at the photo we’ll create.
  • Do have fun!

Group Photo Outfit Don’ts

  • Don’t be too matchy.
  • Don’t wear logos.
  • Don’t sport sneakers. Seriously, unless you’re going for a super laid back look leave those for the morning run.

Latest Inspiration – Bernt Lindgren

black and white tree in front of sheets hanging to dry

I wanted to share with you this amazing site I came across though I am not too sure now exactly how I got there, lol.

Swedish based photographer and trucker (I think?), Bernt Lindgren has created photographs that put a smile on my face. They are so genuine and breathtaking. Anyway, I know I don’t speak for everyone but man, is this guy pretty cool, or what?

Here is a sample:

Here’s a link to graphy

So tell me, do these shot stir anything up in you or do you think me crazy?

The Soriano Family Photo Session

Family photoshoot

It was such a fantastic day to get the family together for a fun day at the farm and getting some fabulous family photos. It’s been too long since I’ve seen these gorgeous people and some I even met for the first time. It’s not everyday that your clients are your pals and such a pleasure to work with. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have stalked you with the camera and capture your smiles.

Rainy Days

“Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.”  ― Vladimir Nabokov

I am as guilty as some of us of not seeing an opportunity cloaked in disguise. But not today! As the little one drifted off to sleep I ran outside to capture the last few shots of this gorgeous autumn we’ve been blessed with. Below are the results of this rainy day right outside my door. I didn’t have a tripod at the time of this shoot so there may be a bit of a blur you might notice. I am glad to report however, I am now a proud owner of a sweet tripod that will help me sharpen up the photos such as these.

Thanks for visiting PhotographyDen and your support! I’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and everything in between. Share your comments below the post. I am very much looking forward to them!

My Rock(s)

green plant with words life is for livingI’d like to take a quick moment to thank all of you who have been my greatest support and loudest cheerleaders. Life has shown me that far from everyone will wish you well, lend a helping hand, or just listed to you spill your thrills and sorrows.

With this, as with everything else, here is the flip of the coin: I see you! I know you’re out there rooting for me, sending me best, and looking for me to succeed. I know you’re going to help me when I stumble and lose my footing. I know you’re going to help me pick up the pieces should I crumble.

I can tell you now, that because of you I grow stronger, more loving, and ever grateful for all of you who are in my life with nothing but light for my path.

You know who you are my friends, my loves, my team. One of you I will call out by name. One of you I will always know is there; thank you mama. I truly know the meaning of the phrase:

I don’t know where I’d be without you in my life